At Last, Real Help For Identity Theft Victims

Up until now, there have been three basic ways to deal with the growing problem of Identity Theft:

  1. Credit Monitoring (buy a service or do-it-yourself),
  2. Insurance (get reimbursed for monetary losses after the fact), and
  3. Caution (taking every prudent step possible to protect your identity).

There is of course the most popular option in America – DO NOTHING! Maybe that’s why Identity Theft is the fastest growing crime in America today?

None of these options alone are very effective, and even in combination there’s no way to absolutely prevent ID Theft. Worst of all, none even begin to address the most serious problems victim’s face – the time and frustration of stopping ongoing fraud, and restoring ones good name and credit. Here’s why.

Credit Monitoring is primarily designed to catch new account activity. According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), most ID theft involves existing accounts. Your identity has already been compromised by the time someone attempts to use your identity to open a new account. According to the findings of a recent Federal Trade Commission study, it’s considerably less expensive and almost as effective to simply get your credit report once every year or two.

Insurance does nothing to prevent or solve the ongoing problems caused by identity theft. Insurance merely reimburses you for a portion of your losses. According to the FTC the average loss is only $500. Most insurance plans only cover losses above a deductible, usually $200 or more, so for most people there is very little to recover and a lot of extra time and paperwork required filing a claim. When you factor in the yearly premiums, this option becomes even less attractive.

Caution is the most effective of the three tools in the battle against ID Theft and Fraud. No matter how careful you are, a determined identity thief can find a way to get personal information. There are literally hundreds of ways, both legal and illegal, to get access to information about you and your personal information.

So, if there’s no foolproof way to avoid Identity Theft, what’s a person to do?

First let’s look at the most frequent consequence of Identity Theft – the loss of your good name and/or credit rating and the hundreds of hours of your personal time that can be spent trying to correct the problem, along with the emotional trauma involved.

Until the introduction of ID Theft Assist, you were on your own in dealing with these consequences.

With the introduction of ID Theft Assist there’s finally a better way to deal with the consequences of Identity Theft. With the cards stacked against you, the victim, only pro-active, dedicated professionals with extensive experience and worldwide resources can bring order to the chaos and restore your security.

You simply call our toll free number to report the situation, and authorize us (the program providers – (Worldwide Assistance, Trans Union and Affinity Care) to act on your behalf to correct the problem.

COST: $95.00 per year

The program can do all of the following:

  • Capture all necessary information, including credit history, with “real-time” technology.