Accidents Happen …… Be Prepared Up to $250,000 of Protection at Affordable Group Rates

Protect your family against the losses that may result from an Accident. There are no health questions and your premium does not go up with age. Acceptance is automatic!

For the wise man or woman, inexpensive Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) insurance provides security and peace of mind. When income is lost because of covered accidental injury or death, AD&D provides a monetary bridge for families to get them through the troubled times. It can help compensate for a major decline in lifestyle and income as a result of a covered injury or it can provide a critical source of emergency funds to survivors in the event of an accidental death.

Accidental Death and Dismemberment insurance offers the extra coverage you and your family need to meet and overcome sudden unexpected problems. Up to $250,000 of Coverage!

You and your spouse are eligible to enroll in the UPMA sponsored AD&D plan for benefits up to $250,000 at very affordable rates! Under this plan you are covered 24-hours a day anywhere in the world, whether you are at home, at work, or on vacation. You are also covered when traveling on business or for pleasure, including when you are flying as a passenger (but not as a crew member or pilot) on any commercial aircraft licensed to carry passengers, except aircraft owned, leased or operated by or on behalf of your employer. Each of your children may also be insured for AD&D benefits. And these benefits are payable in addition to any other insurance you have.

Who is Eligible?

All active members of the UPMA and their lawful spouses who are under 70 are eligible to enroll in this plan. You may also insure your unmarried dependent children who are under age 19 (age 25 if they are full-time students at school and primarily dependent upon you for support). If your spouse is also an eligible member and you both enroll, you cannot be dependents under each other’s coverage. Children will be considered eligible dependents of both spouses.



Additional Benefits

The following benefits are designed to provide you and your family with extra protection and are payable in addition to AD&D benefits:

Seat Belt Benefit

If you suffer a loss payable under the Accidental Death and Dismemberment Benefit, the plan will pay an additional benefit of 10% of the AD&D benefit amount payable, to a maximum amount of $10,000 if injury occurred: while you were a passenger in or the licensed operator of a registered automobile and while wearing a Seat Belt, as verified in the police accident report.

This benefit does not cover loss if you are operating the automobile under the influence of any intoxicant, excitant, hallucinogen, narcotic or other drug, or similar substance as verified in the police accident report.

Education Benefit

If your spouse and/or children are covered under this plan and the AD&D benefit is payable because of your or your covered spouse’s death, the plan will pay an Education Benefit to each eligible dependent child who qualifies. To receive this benefit, an eligible dependent child must show proof that on the date of your death he or she was enrolled as: a full time post-high school student in a school for higher learning; or a student in 12th grade and, within 365 days, enroll as a full-time post-high school student in a school for higher learning.

The Education Benefit will be the lesser of 2% of your AD&D benefit amount or $2,500. This benefit is payable every year in which an eligible dependent child meets the above definition for up to 4 consecutive years, provided the dependent child submits proof of his or her student status each year. If an Education Benefit would be payable, but no person qualifies as a student, the plan will pay $1,000 to your beneficiary.

Benefits for Accidental Death and Dismemberment:

If any of the following losses result from an Injury sustained in an accident, and the loss occurs within 365 days after that accident, this plan will pay:
Covered LossBenefit Amount
loss of life100%
loss of two limbs100%
loss of any combination foot, hand, or sight of one eye100%
loss of speech and hearing100%
loss of movement of both upper and lower limbs (quadriplegia) 100%
loss of movement of both lower limbs (Paraplegia) 75%
loss of movement of both upper and lower limbs on one side of the 50%
loss of one limb 50%
loss of sight of one eye 50%
loss of speech or hearing 50%
loss of thumb and index finger of one hand 25%

Loss of sight, speech or hearing means total and permanent loss.
Loss of limb means severance through or above the wrist or ankle.
Loss of thumb and index finger means severance through or above the metacarpophalangeal joints.
Loss of movement of limbs means total and permanent paralysis of such limbs.

The maximum for each COVERED PERSON while he or she is insured under the Policy is as follows:

No more than one benefit, the largest benefit, is payable for all losses to the same limb due to or related to any one accident. No more than the Principal Sum is payable for all losses due to or related to any accident, except as other wise provided under the What Benefit Is Payable section on the AD&D Insurance page in the Certificate of Insurance.

Effective Date of Coverage

Your coverage will become effective on the later to occur: the Policy Effective date or the first day of the month on or next following the date your enrollment form and premium payment are received. Dependent coverage goes into effect on the date you become insured; on the first day of the month following receipt of your dependent’s enrollment form; or on the date they become eligible, whichever is latest.

Coverage will continue as long as the group policy remains in effect, you remain a member of the association and you make premium payments. In addition, coverage for your spouse and dependent children will terminate when you cease to be insured or they are no longer eligible.


Benefits for loss of your life will be paid to the beneficiary you have designated. If you have not designated a beneficiary, the life benefit will be paid in equal shares to the first of your survivors in the following order:

  • First to your spouse
  • Second, to your children
  • Third, to your parents
  • Fourth, to your brothers and sisters

If there are no survivors in these classes, payment will be made to your estate. Benefits for loss other than life will be paid to you, and all dependent benefits are payable to you.

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