SHIP Group Hospital Indemnity Insurance Plan

smiling_womenThe SHIP Plan has been designed to meet the needs of Federal employees:

  1. Pays benefits directly to you – in addition to any other medical benefits you may have.
  2. Provides cash to help pay deductibles and copayments when hospitalized for a covered stay. No deductible must be satisfied before SHIP benefits are paid.
  3. Provides cash to help pay for pre-admission testing.
  4. Provides cash to help pay for outpatient surgery.
  5. Provides cash to help pay non-covered FEHB expenses, such as charges in excess of “reasonable and customary”, home health care, and private room surcharges.
  6. Provides cash during your recuperation, after a covered hospital confinement, which can help with personal expenses you may incur when you are discharged.
  7. Affordable Bi-Weekly premiums can be withdrawn from your paycheck (direct deposit), or Monthly premiums can be directly deducted from your checking account, or you can be billed on a quarterly, semi-annual or annual basis.

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