Coverage Description

meeting_reviewCareerGuard® professional liability insurance provides up to $2 million of liability coverage. This liability coverage offers important protection for your personal assets, because the federal government is not obligated to pay judgments entered against individual employees, even when employees are sued for acts committed within the scope of their employment.

CareerGuard® also provides up to $200,000 of legal defense protection for federal employees if they are faced with agency investigations, disciplinary proceedings, including internal agency appeals procedures, the Merit Systems Protection Board or even the U.S. District Court.

CareerGuard® is the first professional liability plan to provide up to $200,000 legal defense protection for both Administrative and Criminal charges.

CareerGuard® allows you to maintain your Retroactive Date if you currently have professional liability coverage with another carrier.

CareerGuard® provides protection against lawsuits resulting from actions prior to your effective date of coverage provided you had no knowledge of such suits (subject to the Retroactive date of your current professional liability policy with us or another carrier).

CareerGuard® is available to Federal employees assigned to posts worldwide.

CareerGuard® is the only professional liability plan to cover reduction of Security Clearance under Administrative Defense Coverage.

CareerGuard® includes coverage for Federal Law Enforcement Officers involved in HR 218 situations.

CareerGuard® extends your coverage for 36 months from your retirement date – with no additional premium payments when you retire or leave Federal employment.

CareerGuard® is underwritten by an insurance company with over $2 Billion in assets and rated A (Excellent) by A.M. Best Company.

CareerGuard® participants receive legal representation from our preferred law firm, Avery Dooley & Noone, LLP a top-rated, nationally recognized law firm that specializes in federal employment litigation. The firm has earned a national reputation for outstanding advocacy on behalf of federal employees. Avery Dooley’s team of attorneys has represented employees of virtually every federal agency against charges of misconduct. In addition to defending federal employees in civil, criminal, and administrative matters, the firm’s attorneys conduct educational seminars to help employees avoid problems in the workplace.

CareerGuard® is available exclusively through Mass Benefits Consultants, Inc. of Annandale, Virginia. Mass Benefits has been serving the insurance needs of Federal Employees for over 40 years. Call us at 1-800-221-3083 with any questions you may have about CareerGuard®.

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